L’etat c’est nous

New Class Traitor has a post over at Spin, Strangeness, and Charm about what Putin and the woke Brahmandarins have in common.

They are both looking to set up neo-feudal systems with themselves at the top, with a willing clerisy as enforcers looking to ‘cancel’ anyone who isn’t down with the program.

Both greatly benefit the feudal lieges at the top (cf. Orwell’s “Inner Party”), somewhat benefit those staffing the clerisy and enforcement apparatus (cf. Orwell’s Outer Party), and fornicate over the vast majority of their “Proles” — aside from this or that mascot group that is temporarily useful to their regimes.

And since neither is able to substantially and durably deliver the goods to the Proles (except the illusion thereof, in the alleged fashion of Prince Gregory Potemkin), the one thing both have to do to legitimize their rule is find some “fascist” or “Nazi” monster that they are supposedly fighting.

Read the whole thing.

Brexit, Trump, Orban, and Meloni, aren’t fascist-inspired or neofascists. They’re the result of what happens when the proles begin to understand how The System has been rigged. This November, the proles may not let the wokies win.

That Sucking Sound You Hear …

… is inflation cleaning out your wallet. The Consumer Price Index for August was up 8.3 % over August, 2021. That was higher than the “expected” rate.

The CPI’s food index rose 11.4% in August, the worst year-over-year increase since Jimmy Carter was President. (The Gentle Reader may remember that I once optimistically hoped that the Xiden Administration would be Carter’s second term.)

And the Dow fell about 500 points after the worse-than-“expected” inflation report.

Law Enforcement Priorities

Item 1: A Texas sheriff will investigate DeSantis’ flight of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. Sheriff Javier Salazar of Bexar County (which includes San Antonio) has opened a criminal investigation into Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. The sheriff said in a news release Monday that his office is investigating whether the migrants who were flown to Martha’s Vineyard were victims of crimes

Item 2: NY DA launches probe into fraud allegations over Zeldin nomination. The Albany County, New York, district attorney is reportedly moving forward with a probe into election-fraud allegations connected to the nomination of the Republican candidate for governor the same week absentee ballots are being sent out in the high-stakes race against Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul.

I’m reminded of a saying from another politicized policeman—

Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.

—Lavrentiy Beria

Rebekah Jones Criminal Trial Date Set

(H/T, @MaxNordau) In 2020, Rebekah Jones was fired from her job at the Florida Department of Health. She allegedly gained unauthorized access to the Department’s computer systems after she was fired which resulted in her being charged with a felony Offense Against Users of Computers, Computer System, Computer Networks, and Electronic Devices. Her trial has been set for 23 January, 2023.Last month, Jones won the Democrat nomination for Congress in the 1st District in Florida. It will be interesting to see how this affects that race.

No, Joe, They Won’t Need F-15s

Once again, Joe Xiden has threatened to use the regular forces of the U.S. military against citizens who might actively resist one or more of his unconstitutional or illegal acts. Speaking in Pennsylvania today, he called for a federal ban on so-called “assault weapons.” Of course, the Supreme Court has just reversed and remanded the appeals court decision upholding Maryland’s “assault weapons” ban, but that hasn’t dulled Xiden’s lust for unconstitutional federal legislation.

Xiden also said—

You can’t go out and buy an automatic weapon, you can’t go out and buy a cannon, and for those brave right wing Americans who say its all about keeping America independent and safe, if you want to fight against the country you need an F-15. You need something a little more than a gun.

There are so many false statements there. You can go out and buy and automatic weapon. It has to be one that’s in the current registry of such weapons (over 150,000 such weapons are registered), you have to pass a background check, and you have to pay for a $200 tax stamp, but you can buy one. It’s also legal to buy a cannon. The process is similar to buying a machine gun.

IIRC, the last time veteran’s took up arms against a government, it was a local government, and the trigger for that action was a stolen election. You can read about The Battle of Athens here.

And finally, Xiden might want to think about how ragtag group of peasants with small arms handled modern armies and air forces in Afghanistan during the last four decades.

Meanwhile, in Florida’s 1st Congressional District

Maryland Peace Order process abuser Rebekah Jones has won the Democrat primary and will face incumbent Matt Gaetz in the general election. She carried about 62 % of the primary vote. Gaetz received about 69 % of the Republican votes.

Given that Gaetz/s share of the Republican tally (58,283) was over twice the total vote in Democrat primary (27,085), Jones shouldn’t have to worry about traveling back from Washington for her pending criminal cases in Tallahassee.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

I noted a few weeks ago that Brett Kimberlin has retooled and reanimated a couple of this websites, jtmp dot org and protecourelections dot org. The DONATE and HOME pages appear to be actively maintained, but the bulk of the sites are well out of date. Consider the LEGISLATION page at the POE site.None of the bills discussed on the page are more recent than 2016. Several of the bills were sponsored by Keith Ellison, who is no longer a congresscritter. Another House bill was sponsored by Chris Van Hollen, who is no longer represents the district where Kimberlin lives. Van Hollen is now a senator.


See, I Told You

I initially applied the Twenty-four Hour Rule to comments on the Mar-a-Largo raid, and look how the various leaks and public statements and further leaks have twisted the alleged facts of the matter. It was leaked that AG Garland was out of the loop, and now he’s sorta/kinda admitted to approving that the warrant be sought. As I type this, the White House is still disclaiming any knowledge.

And so it goes.

The Twenty-Four Hour Rule

I have found it is usually best to wait for a full day to pass before offering any non-obvious comments or attempted analysis about events such as the FBI raid on Mar-a-Largo. Indeed, it may be wise to keep my powder dry until reliable evidence is available, and that may take a while.

UPDATE—The search warrant authorizing the raid is sealed.

Sauces, Geese, and Ganders

This appeared on the Twitterz from a group that thinks that’s is OK for a private company to refuse to carry someone else’s disinformation but not theirs—BTW, over-the-air broadcasters who have a license to use the public radio spectrum do have certain requirements to accept political advertising as a condition of their licenses. However, Hulu is an unlicensed entity using the Internet and has no such legal obligation.

Yesterday’s Primary Election in Maryland

The legacy media headlines seems to be that the Trump-endorsed candidate Dan Cox won the Republican nomination for governor. Notice the word order in that sentence. Trump is mentioned first. That the way most of the headlines read.

Cox won about 56 % of the vote in the primary, coming out around 15 points ahead of the candidate endorsed by sitting Governor Larry Hogan.

Can Cox win in November?

Maybe. Democrats outregister Republicans by more than 2:1, but I haven’t noticed much in the way of Democrat candidate yard signs or bumper stickers in most of the state. Democrat turnout for the primary was only 16.7 %, compared to 23.8 % for Republicans. Joe Biden’s approval/disapproval polling is -12 % (37/49) in Maryland. And Wes Moore won the Democrat primary with only 36 % of the vote, so he may have trouble generating turnout in November.

Meanwhile, Cox’s showing here in Carroll County suggests he is developing an enthusiastic following. Republicans have a 2:1 registration advantage in our red county, but yesterday’s turnout was so lopsided that Cox’s vote total was 141 % of the total vote in the Democrat primary in Carroll County.

If those relative levels of enthusiasm hold, Cox might win. If Moore can frighten enough Democrats by running against Trump, he may win.

Stay tuned.

It’s Primary Election Day in Maryland

I’ll go vote in a few minutes as soon as I finish this cup of coffee. I have some interesting choices on the Republican primary ballot here in Carroll County, a red county in a blue state. Many of our local elected officials are Republicans, and I tend to vote to keep those who are doing a good job. But the statewide and federal offices on the ballot present interesting challenges.

It’s rare for a Republican to win a statewide election, but we’ve had a RINO governor for the past eight years. Larry Hogan is retiring. He initially got nominated as the most conservative candidate who could win the general election. I’m not sure who that would be today, but I’m reasonably sure it isn’t the candidate endorsed by Donald Trump because Trump’s endorsement will be seen as a negative in the purple areas of the state. I’m still puzzling on which of the other candidates might be viable statewide.

My home address had been gerrymandered into the 8th (Jamie Raskin) congressional district. Redistricting has put me in the 2nd (Dutch Ruppersberger). It appears that I’ve been moved from one safe Democrat district to another.

I’m almost done with this cup of coffee. I’d better go vote.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The State Department’s Rewards for Justice program is offering a reward of up to $10 million for information on foreign interference in U.S. elections.

The reward offer seeks information leading to the identification or location of any foreign person or entity who knowingly engaged or is engaging in foreign election interference. The reward offer also seeks information leading to the prevention, frustration, or favorable resolution of an act of foreign election interference, including by dismantling, in whole or significant part, an organization engaged in such activity.

Will Brett Kimberlin and Protect Our Elections/EMPR Inc be able to cash in?

A Bit of ECON 101

It’s beginning to look as if the economy shrank again in 2Q 2022. That would be a second quarter of negative economic growth which meets the formal definition of a recession

Informally, it’s generally agreed that a recession is when you neighbor loses his job, a depression is when you lose yours, and a recovery is when a whole lot of politicians (mostly Democrats) lose theirs.

T minus 135 days.

Joe Biden Frustrated?

Politico would have us believe so. They’ve got a post up that leads with this:

President Joe Biden and his aides have grown increasingly frustrated by their inability to turn the tide against a cascade of challenges threatening to overwhelm the administration.

From the tone of their post you get the impression they think that’s a bad thing.

The Frustration of Fauxcahontas

Fauxcahontas is ranting about the results of today’s abortion vote in the Senate. The bill went down 49-51. (But of course, wrong votes aren’t supposed to count in “Our Democracy.”}

Umm, that wasn’t the work of a minority. The larger group of votes were nays.

Also, Cocaine Mitch didn’t bother with a filibuster against a losing bill. Indeed, it was in the Republican’s interest to allow most of the Democrats to vote in favor of killing babies.

Overreach. Desperation. Panic. It’s going to be an interesting campaign season.

Better, But Still Not Good

The new Maryland congressional district gerrymander is better than the previous map, but it still isn’t very good.I live in Westminster, only about 13 miles from the Mason-Dixon line border with Pennsylvania. The old map had me living in District 8 which extended from the DC border. The new map makes District 8 a compact blob in the DC suburbs. I’m now in District 2, which extends into the Baltimore suburbs. It’s a predominantly Democrat district, but not an impossible win for the right Republican. District 6 is now competitive. District 1 remains a Republican stronghold. The rest are Democrat safe seats.

At least I’ll no longer be stuck with Jamie Raskin as my congresscritter.

Scorched Earth

As the Democrats have been failing in most of their overreach for the last year-and-a-half and as the effects of the Xiden Administration’s incompetence compound, it’s becoming more likely that the Republicans will take control of at least one of the houses of Congress in the next election. If that happens, I don’t expect the Democrats to take their L and leave quietly. In that case, the last two months of 2022 will be very, very ugly.

Maryland’s Gerrymander

The latest congressional redistricting map to come out of the Maryland legislature has been placed on hold by a state court. A group of voters has sued alleging the map which essentially eliminates the possibility of a Republican being elected violates various provisions of the state constitution. Ballotpedia reports that today

former Maryland Court of Appeals Judge Lynne Battaglia, acting on senior status, ruled that the state’s Congressional map was a partisan gerrymander and ordered the General Assembly to draft a new map. The Maryland Court of Appeals earlier postponed the state’s primary election from June 28 to July 19 in a March 15 order. The court also extended the filing deadline for all candidates from March 22 to April 15. The court said it had “received timely-filed petitions challenging the validity of the 2022 legislative districting plan enacted by the General Assembly”

Things are proceeding better than I have foreseen.

UPDATE—FWIW, Judge Battaglia is retired from the Maryland Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court. She was appointed by Gov. Glendening (D). Before serving on that court, she was the U. S. Attorney for Maryland appointed by Bill Clinton and Chief of Staff for Sen. Barbara Mikulski.

First Virginia, Now This

Shortly after Joe Xiden took office, I suggested that we were in for a couple of years of overreach by the Left—and that they would wind up going a bridge too far. It looks as if schools have been the flash point for a rebellion by normal people.

The rest of 2022 will be … um … interesting.