Who’s on First?

Or rather, “Who will get indicted first?” There’s a post over at The American Thinker that offers a list of people whose names are likely to be mentioned in the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report due later this month. It is separates those who should be indicted but won’t be from those who will probably be indicted but may not be. Barack Obama—mishandling of classified information (18 USC §798), obstruction of a criminal investigation (18 USC §1510) with respect to emails sent to and received from Hillary personal server, and obstruction of a criminal investigation (18 USC §1510)—head the first list. James Comey—making false statements under oath (18 USC §1001), mishandling of classified information (18 USC §798) (memos shared with Daniel Richman and Patrick Fitzgerald), and unauthorized disclosure (leaking) of sensitive FBI information (26 USC §7213)—leads the second.

Had Comey not wanted to be the “corpse at every funeral, the bride at every wedding and the baby at every christening,” these shenanigans would still be secret.

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Disproving a Lie

Byron York has a post over at the Washington Examiner dealing with a Democrat talking point about the infamous Steele dossier: nothing in the dossier has been “disproven.”

“Setting aside the absurd and patently unfair ‘guilty until proven innocent’ standard that thinking requires, it also ignores the fact that the FBI has never tried to disprove it,” Republican Rep. John Ratcliffe, a former federal prosecutor who now serves on the House Judiciary Committee, said in a recent text exchange. “When the president asked the FBI to do exactly that, one of Jim Comey’s secret memos documents the response: [Comey] told him it is ‘very difficult to disprove a lie.'”

Yes, it is. And that’s something to keep in mind whenever someone suggests the dossier is worthwhile because it hasn’t been proven false.

Yeah, well, the claims in the dossier are extraordinary, and as the saying goes, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. It isn’t up to President Trump and his associates to disprove anything. The burden of proof is on Steele, GPS Fusion, and others touting the dossier. They haven’t proven anything.

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His 15 Minutes of Fame Just Ran Out

David Hogg’s usefulness as a progressive prop has not only expired, it has backfired. The NRA’s membership is spiking upward, and so are Laura Ingraham’s ratings. Now, polling is beginning to show that concern for gun rights is increasing the likelihood of increased Republican turnout for the fall elections.

Game over.

Don’t Know Much About History

The kids marching in the Children’s Crusade for gun control this past weekend seem to believe that they are on the Right Side of History. I believe that they are misinformed. Indeed, they don’t seem to know enough about History to understand the dangers of being on its Right Side. There’s a good post over at Brickmuppet Blog that talks about some of those dangers.

There have been many Right Sides of History over the past 150 years or so. Social Darwinism justified racism. Postmillennialism led to a social gospel that brought us Prohibition. Marxism … well, Marxism is in a class by itself, being even more deadly than National Socialism. Most of the 20th-century was burdened by our betters trying to make one or more of these work in the Real World.

So by the 1930’s hopelessness and nihilism were universally accepted as the right side of history….

Well, not really, because those aging Fabians and their ilk had determined that history was still on the side of central planning, expansive government and direct solutions those annoying problems that confront us all….

…and so those on the right side of history wisely and virtuously gave support to various strong central governments uninhibited by voter interference who could deal with those issues, most notably the U.S.S.R., which people on the right side of history cleverly recognized as the last best hope.

It’s good that our betters figured that out, because it turned out that in the 20th century alone there were about 130 million people on the wrong side of history.

Actually, there were lots more, but the rest of the ignorant bastards got away …

That was then; this is now.

Today the right side of history is populated by those who wish to make the people safer by disarming them, those who take seriously the free flow of information and their responsibility to stifle it and, as always, those who acknowledge the utter sub-humanity and atavistic inferiority of honkies…well, the ones who aren’t well connected or don’t live in Tony zip codes.

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A New Angle

I’m beginning to see a new talking point from the gun control crowd—suicide prevention. The possibility of preventing someone from rashly shooting himself has always been one of allegedly good reasons for waiting periods for firearms purchases, but there’s a new twist. It seems to underlie a piece I read this morning over at Scientific American.

You see, it’s white men who are stockpiling guns, and we’re using them to kill ourselves.

Unfortunately, the people most likely to be killed by the guns of white men aren’t the “bad guys,” presumably criminals or terrorists. It’s themselves—and their families.

Read the whole thing. When you do, you’ll see the new twist at the end.

“Ridicule of working-class white people is not helpful,” says Angela Stroud. “We need to push the ‘good guys’ to have a deeper connection to other people. We need to reimagine who we are in relation to each other.”

They’ve noticed who comments about bitter clingers and deplorables helped elect.