Why Trump Won

Edward Luttwak has an essay over at The Times Literary Supplement in which he speculates on the Trump family’s future. In the process he reviews the state of the American economy during the 2016 election to explain his thesis why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were the two most electable candidates and notes that in 2016 the average family in Detroit did not have enough income to be able to afford a new car.

Detroit, the Motor City, was too poor to afford new cars, and Trump carried Michigan by surprise.

Which World View is Working?

Scott Adams has a post over at his blog dealing with how two different perceptual filters are biasing different folks’ views of President Trump. He calls them the Persuasion and the Hitler Filters.

I’ve mentioned in this blog a few times that persuasion works even when the subject of the persuasion recognizes all the techniques as they happen. This is a perfect case. The left has been watching Trump make big offers and dial them back for the past year. And yet they still think this time it will be different. The Persuasion Filter says that 70-year old Trump will act the same way today as he has for the past several decades: Big first offer, then negotiate.

Of course, there are more than just the two filters Adams is considering. I tend to view politics through what I call a BS filter, and mine gets clogged with the inputs it receives from both the left and the right.

Meanwhile, read the whole thing.

Governing with a Pen

staedtler-stick-eraserWhen Congress was not passing legislation to support his attempt at fundamental transformation of America, Barack Obama famously said that he would use his pen and his phone to bring changes through regulation. President Trump also has a pen, and he has already begun to use it. One of the results of his penmanship will be the need for bureaucrats to undo some of what has been done in the past.

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