The Unredacted Letter

Senator Feinstein has given unredacted copies of the Christine Ford letter accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault to the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, but she has refused to provide a copy for the committee chairman or any of the other Republicans on the committee.

So as things currently stand, not only will the accuser not appear before the whole committee, neither will her accusation.

The committee should stop wasting time and go ahead with its vote on the Kavanaugh nomination.

UPDATE—Chairman Grassley has sent a letter to the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee outlining how and why he intends to proceed. He notes that he his following the same timeline established by Joe Biden when the committee dealt with Anita Hill’s allegations against Clarence Thomas.

We are in the same position the Committee was in after Professor Hill’s allegations were leaked. After that leak, we did not ask the FBI to conduct an investigation. Instead, we reopened the hearing and assessed the testimony that was given on our own. As in 1991, it is now up the Senate to gather and assess the relevant evidence.

Also, Grassley expresses his concern that the Democrats’ leaking of Dr. Ford’s letter will have on others coming forward with information.

I’m also concerned what the recent events mean for whistleblowers, especially victims of sexual assault. Dr. Ford expressed the desire that her allegations remain non-public. I can’t emphasize how important it is to respect whistleblowers’ and victims’ desire for confidentiality. But notwithstanding her wishes for confidentiality, her allegations became public. I fear that the leaks of confidential information will discourage whistleblowers and victims from coming forward in the future.

That’s only a bug if the purpose of the process is to discover the truth. It may be a feature if the purpose of the process is control of the narrative and maintenance of power.

“Don’t Be Evil”

If you haven’t yet seen the Google post-election video over at Breitbart, you should go and watch it. It’s worth an hour of your time to see why you should switch to DuckDuckGo for online search rather than being part of Google’s revenue stream.

There are plenty of reviews of this display of liberal tears on the Interwebz, so I’ll keep my comment brief. Google’s motto is supposed to be Don’t Be Evil, and there’s been a certain amount of commentary saying that the company has effectively rejected that admonition. OTOH, Hanlon’s Rule says that one should never attribute to evil what can adequately be explained by stupidity. How stupid can Google be and still survive?

Medicating Moonbats

Howie Carr has a column over at the Boston Herald about how the moonbats have been plagued by Trump Derangement Syndrome. He quotes from tweets from Progressives about how Trump has impacted their health. Weight gain and depression seem rampant.

They used to call St. Petersburg “God’s waiting room,” because everyone was on death’s doorstep. Now the internet is God’s waiting room. The end is near. Half of Hillary’s voters may soon be dead of strokes or heart attacks, if they don’t first overdose on their antidepressants or trash their livers guzzling chardonnay in the morning.

Is there any effective treatment for Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Dr. Carr was going to suggest another possible cure for the moonbats’ depression: look at your 401(k) statements.

But then Dr. Carr realized, you have to have a job to have a 401(k). Never mind, moonbats. Go back to the bottle.

Read the whole thing.

Discovery, Depositions, and Dossiers

Aleksej Gubarev, a Russian businessman named in the Steele Dossier, is suing BuzzFeed for its reporting about the dossier. The Daily Caller reports that the judge presiding over the lawsuit has ordered Fusion GPS to appear for a deposition conducted by the plaintiff’s lawyers. Representatives of the opposition research firm will have to answer a wide range of questions about the creation of the dossier, the investigation supporting it, and how it was disseminated. Gubarev’s lawyers want to question Fusion GPS executives to find out whether the dossier’s allegations about Gubarev were investigated and whether BuzzFeed News was warned about the accuracy of the claims.

Fusion GPS had claimed that their relationships with their clients were protected by the First Amendment. U.S. District Court Judge Ursula Ungaro rejected that theory, ruling the firm’s business relationships with its clients “are not protected from disclosure by the First Amendment even though the opposition research it conducts on behalf of clients may be political in nature.”

The case is scheduled to go to trial in Miami this November. Gubanev is also suing Christopher Steele in the UK.

Spoiled Brat Mode?

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been making his rounds of Capitol Hill for meetings with Senators. To date, no Democrat has met with him. Such treatment of a Supreme Court nominee is unprecedented, and it looks to me like a snit fit by disappointed losers.

The choice of Antonin Scalia’s replacement and subsequent nominees to the Court was an issue in the 2016 elections. Trump won; Clinton lost. The Republican’s failure to confirm Merrick Garland to the Court was an issue in the 2016 elections. The Republicans retained control of the Senate; the Democrats lost. Schumer haz sad! What he and his fellow Democrats don’t have is the raw power to stop the Kavanaugh nomination.

It looks as if the Senate will advise and consent to the nomination with very few votes from Democrats. The Republicans have the votes to do it and to do it before the end of this Congress. It may be that the Democrats will flip the Senate in the next election, but that will be too late. Scalia and Kennedy will have been replaced with Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. If the Democrats flip the Senate, they will have some say in the choice of the replacement for the next vacancy (Ginsburg? Breyer?), but they will have to win some elections first. Do they really think that acting like spoiled brats will help them do that?