Unexpected Slow Growth

Fortune reports the the U.S. economy is growing more slowly than expected.

The government also reported that after-tax corporate profits fell at a 2.4% rate last quarter after increasing at an 8.1% pace in the first quarter. Weak profits could limit an anticipated rebound in business spending.

The nanny state taxes tobacco and soft drinks in an attempt to curb their use and then is surprised about the effect high taxes have on corporate profits.

Rice Confirms Powell’s Recollection

Chuck Ross has a post over at The Daily Caller reporting that Condoleezza Rice confirms Colin Powell’s recollection of the email advice he gave Hillary Clinton at a 2009 dinner party. The party was gathering of former Secretaries of State at the Madeleine Albright’s home.  Powell has complained that Clinton is trying to pin her sloppy practices on his advice.

Powell’s email practices were quite different than Clinton’s. He used an AOL account while Clinton paid a State Department employee under the table to manage her email system, which involved a personal account and a private server.

Powell also says he used the State Department’s classified system to send and receive emails with classified information. Clinton declined to use that system, even though she was provided with an account on it. Instead, she sent and received all of her emails from her personal, non-government BlackBerry.

Read the whole thing.

Suing Hillary

The families of two to the victims of the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack are suing Hillary Clinton alleging that her use of her private email server contributed to the wrongful deaths of their sons. They are also suing her for defamation based on her subsequent comments about the families.

NBC and Fox have put different spins on the story. Can you guess which spins which way?