Looking Forward to a Great Leap Backward™

Victor Davis Hanson has a post over at American Greatness that takes a look at how the various contenders for the Democrat’s 2020 presidential nomination are shaping Trump’s ability to use their own rhetoric against them. In passing, he notes that it will be difficult for the Democrats to sell the idea that we can rebuild our infrastructure using battery-powered versions of these—

His analysis of the candidates is equally insightful. Read the whole thing.

Follow the Money

Reuters reports that Venezuela has ordered its various oil companies and joint ventures to move their money to the Russian banking system. It’s clear that the in crowd of socialist regime is trying to preserve as many of the assets as they can possibly steal before the final collapse of what had been the richest economy in Latin America.

The Gentle Reader should remember that it is politicians who speak fondly of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution who are advocate a Green New Deal Great Leap Backward™ for the United States.