Google Fires an Employee

Google has fired an employee who wrote an internal memo which escaped into the wild and caused a brouhaha on the Interwebz. The reason given was that the employee had violated the company’s “Code of Conduct.”

When an employee and a company’s Code of Conduct are at odds, one of them has to go. Time will tell whether Google has made a wise choice.

Why Trump Won

Edward Luttwak has an essay over at The Times Literary Supplement in which he speculates on the Trump family’s future. In the process he reviews the state of the American economy during the 2016 election to explain his thesis why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were the two most electable candidates and notes that in 2016 the average family in Detroit did not have enough income to be able to afford a new car.

Detroit, the Motor City, was too poor to afford new cars, and Trump carried Michigan by surprise.