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Gravitational Lensing

Gravitational lensing occurs when light from a distant galaxy is bent by the gravitational pull of an intervening astronomical object. In this image assembled from multiple observations by the Hubble Space Telescope a relatively nearby galaxy cluster (MACSJ0138.0-2155) has lensed the galaxy (MRG-M0138) which is located 10 billion light-years from us.

Image Credit: NASA / ESA

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

As July, 2014, was ending, it was becoming obvious that someone would be opening a snow cone stand in the Ring Three of the Seventh Circle before Brett Kimberlin came up with a winning strategy for his LOLsuits. Five of the seven claims in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance LOLsuit had gone down on summary judgment, and the RICO Madness LOLsuit was coming undone. The In Re RICO Madness post from seven years ago today dealt with one of The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin’s attempts to get a preliminary injunction to prevent my blogging about him.

* * * * *

As you can see from the letter that Paul Alan Levy has sent to Judge Hazel, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin has made some sort of filing in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness, and he is asking that it be sealed. As Mr. Levy notes, TDPK has not served copies of his filing on any of the pro se defendants.

As I wrote earlier, this is a sign of abject stupidity.

The Gentle Reader may wish to consider stocking up on Jujubes and Raisinettes as well as popcorn.

UPDATE—Stacy McCain weighs in here.

UPDATE 2—rsm20140724

* * * * *

Judge Hazel did grant permission for Kimberlin to file a motion for a preliminary injunction—but with strict limitations about content and form. After losing the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. LOLsuit, Kimberlin decided to take a vacation to Hawaii rather than file his motion.

Starting a Solar System

As a solar system evolves, the disk from which the planets will form is initially bright and thick with dust. During the first 10 million years or so, gaps appear in the disk as planets form and clear out paths. Over time, the debris disk thins from gravitational interactions with planets. Steady pressure from the starlight and stellar winds push out the dust as well. Eventually, only a thin debris disk remains at the edge of the system.

Video Credits: NASA / JPL-Caltech / R. Hurt (SSC/Caltech)

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

When Brett Kimberlin sued Kimberlin Unmasked for copyright infringement, he claimed that images from music videos were being used without permission. The TKPOTD for seven years ago today pointed out a basic flaw in his LOLsuit.

* * * * *

This paragraph is from The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s complaint in the Kimberlin v. Kimberlinunmasked copyright trolling lawsuit.BK v KU ECF 1-7And therein lies a fatal problem for TDPK’s lawsuit. Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 8(a)(2) requires that someone filing a pleading with a court provide

a short and plain statement of the claim showing that the pleader is entitled to relief[.]

Because TDPK never identifies which videos are his and which are JTMP’s he doesn’t show that he is entitled to relief. For all the court knows, all of the allegedly infringed videos belong to JTMP, and TDPK cannot sue on the organization’s behalf. JTMP would have to sue in its own right, and it would have to be represented by a lawyer instead of TDPK.

popcorn4bkMore fundamentally, TDPK never identifies which videos the allegedly infringing images were taken from. In effect, he’s saying, “Your Honor, they stole my stuff, but I can’t bother to tell you what they stole.”

If you thought the opposition to the motion for default was brutal, just wait till you see what can be put in a motion to dismiss.

Stay tuned.

* * * * *

Kimberlin owns the copyrights to his songs. Have they been of any real economic value for him?

Math and Science Are Hard

I was puzzled by the CDC’s recent claim that the Wuhan Virus Pandemic had cased a one year drop in life expectance in the U. S. It turns out that their claim is so screwed up it isn’t even wrong. If life expectancy has dropped because of Covid, the decline is probably less than a week, an amount so small that it’s inside the roundoff error of the statistics. Eugene Volokh has a post up with details from a report by Dr. Peter Bach.

Analysts estimate that, on average, a death from Covid-19 robs its victim of around 12 years of life. Approximately 400,000 Americans died Covid-19 in 2020, meaning about 4.8 million years of life collectively vanished. Spread that ghastly number across the U.S. population of 330 million and it comes out to 0.014 years of life lost per person. That’s 5.3 days. There were other excess deaths in 2020, so maybe the answer is seven days lost per person.

No matter how you look at it, the result is a far cry from what the CDC announced.

It’s not that the agency made a math mistake. I checked the calculations myself, and even went over them with one of the CDC analysts. The error was more problematic in my view: The CDC relied on an assumption it had to know was wrong….

Apparently, 2 + 2 equals whatever the public health establishment needs it to be.

You Are Here

earthmoon_cassini_960This is the Earth-Moon system as seen by the Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn in the outer Solar System. Earth is the larger of the two spots near the center; the Moon is to its lower left. This raw, unprocessed image shows several streaks that are not stars. They are cosmic rays that struck the digital camera while it was taking the picture.

Image Credit: NASA

Some Radio Ratings

I looked through the radio ratings posted for June, 2021, and pulled the ratings for the main NPR station in a dozen randomly selected markets. The monthly ratings are the stations’ market shares in percent.Their general ratings trend is downward. Indeed, in this sample only one station, WPLN in Nashville, is holding its own. The loss of listeners has been most pronounced in Minneapolis and Washington.

I still listen to the Washington classical music station WETA-FM in spite of the occasional interruptions from NPR newscasts, but it’s been years since I tuned in to WAMU-FM for anything other than their old time radio programming on Sunday nights.

Perhaps NPR should consider reexamining their business model rather than publishing stories expressing envy of Ben Shapiro’s.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

At one point, Team Kimberlin tried to operate obscene parody websites of their perceived enemies. Stacy McCain, Aaron Walker, and I ware all targeted. The TKPOTD for eight years ago today took a look at one of Bill Schmalfeldt’s attempts at spoofing Hogewash!.

* * * * *

Gentle Reader, if you’re not easily offended and you’re not concerned about possible malware, you might want to take a look at hogwash dot net. Seriously. It will give you a bit of an understanding of the sort of stuff the wackos on Team Kimberlin think is funny.

Here’s what the site looked like late yesterday afternoon:Hogewashdotnet201307211957Z

Given the crude use of Google Translate, the pimping for a certain Internet “radio station,” and the anally-fixated humor, the Gentle Reader may be able to guess who I believe is behind this “parody.”


* * * * *

Never pick a fight with a man who buys pixels by the terabyte.

Hubble Is Back In Business

These images are among the first from Hubble after its return to full science operations. On the left is ARP-MADORE2115-273, a rarely observed example of a pair of interacting galaxies. On the right is ARP-MADORE0002-503, a large spiral galaxy with unusual spiral arms. Most disk galaxies have an even number of spiral arms, but this one has three.

Image Credits: Science—NASA / ESA / STScI / Julianne Dalcanton (UW)
Image processing—Alyssa Pagan (STScI)

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Last week, Brett Kimberlin filed his appeal brief with the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in his current attempt to overturn some of this Speedway Bombing convictions. He also filed a second motion requesting that the court appoint pro bono counsel to represent him. Yesterday, the court denied his motion for freebie lawyer.

Also yesterday, the Assistant U. S. Attorney representing the government in the case filed a request for a one month extension of the filing date for the reply brief. The court granted that motion and set a new schedule for briefs.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.