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A Bacon Number is the degree of separation between two people. For example, Bill Clinton’s bacon number with me is one because we have a mutual acquaintance (Al Gore). My bacon number with my podcasting partner Stacy McCain is zero because we know each other directly. This post from eleven years ago today shows that my bacon number with Brett Kimberlin was one before I ever heard of him.

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In October, 1972, TDPK was brought before a grand jury and asked about this dealings with a couple of accused drug dealers, John Buckley and David Pacific. He testified that he has sold marijuana to Mr. Buckley and had had no dealings with Mr. Pacific. He testified that he had never sold LSD to them or anyone else. When they were arrested, Messrs. Buckley and Pacific claimed that TDPK was their wholesale connection for LSD. A second grand jury was convened, and it indicted Brett Kimberlin for perjury. He was convicted, his first felony conviction.

Through the years, TDPK has claimed that he was set up by John Buckley and David Pacific. Mark Singer does a thorough job of demolishing that claim in chapter 35 of Citizen K.

I lived in Indiana in 1977 and 1978. I had connections to the music and arts scene in Bloomington, the town where Indiana University is located and where TDPK was dealing drugs in the early ’70s. It happens that I met, first, David Pacific and, later, John Buckley in social situations while visiting with music friends in Bloomington. I never knew either of them well, but my friends did. What they told me about Mr. Pacific and Mr. Buckley then and what those folks that I have been able to contact again reaffirm now does not at all fit with any of TDPK’s narrative.

As Mark Singer writes beginning at the bottom of p. 316 of Citizen K,

Ultimately, they signified his willingness to stay wedded to a falsehood despite black-and-white evidence to the contrary. My metaphor metamorphosed. The Pacific-Buckley factoid—the news report of their arrest, along with Kimberlin’s claim of their perjury to frame him for the same—was no longer a constructive brick but one of many blind turns in a labyrinth of misinformation.

He lies about not being a perjurer.

I find the number of near intersections of my life with TDPK’s amazing. The more I dig, the more people I find with connections to the both of us. It’s really kinda weird. OTOH, it’s quite useful in running down the truth about his activities.

And the Truth is out there waiting for him. Stay tuned.

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After reading his current pro se petition for certiorari filed with the Supreme Court seeking a review of the dismissal of his LOLsuit seeking money damages for his time in prison as the Speedway Bomber, it appears that he hasn’t given up on telling lies.

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