This Was Bound To Happen

When civil society breaks down and government no longer keeps the peace, people will act on their own to maintain their notion of order. Earlier this year, videos surfaced to ecofreak demonstrators who were sitting in a road being dragged away by bystanders. This week, demonstrators who wouldn’t move were shot.I hope the shootings in Panama will be a wakeup call to governments around the world reminding them of their duty to maintain civil order, but I’m not optimistic. It now seems more likely that places like San Francisco will have to rely on committees of vigilance to clean up their streets—if order is ever restored at all.

4 thoughts on “This Was Bound To Happen

  1. The picture is cropped so tightly we can’t see if the protesters were offering a threat that justified use of deadly force. Even the videos of the event I have seen don’t show any protester actions.

  2. The videos I have seen are showing him with the gun out but calmly telling the protestors to leave; and moving the obstacles . A person with a large stick (??) keeps moving back and force towards him , as if looking for a chance to strike. Then”miraculously” the video is edited to only shows after the shooting.

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