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Team Kimberlin has never let facts get in the way of their false narratives. Consider this TKPOTD from eight years ago today.

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Over at Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Boy Unread, Matt Osborne is desperately trying to throw something that might stick at one of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s legal adversaries. His latest screed contains this batch of falsehoods concerning the legal problems between TDPK and his wife back in 2013.

That episode also saw Walker submit an over-long, allegedly perjurious brief to a Maryland divorce court which made sick and sensational claims about Brett Kimberlin’s family. Nor did Walker feel limited by the court’s rejection, for his ally William Hoge rushed to the courthouse in order to copy and post the flimflam document online before it was sealed.

While Aaron Walker did advise Mrs. Kimberlin in DC and Virginia, in Maryland she either acted pro se or was represented by Zoa Barnes. Aaron never filed any court papers for Mrs. Kimberlin. Period. As to a “brief” that made “sick and sensational claims” about the Kimberlin family, Mrs. Kimberlin did file an Application for Statement of Charges accusing TDPK of third degree sexual offense (what in most states would be called statutory rape).

When Mrs. Kimberlin left the state and was unavailable as a witness, the charge was dropped. Here’s the Maryland Judiciary database entry for the case.4D00291890Spin_SettingsNote that she filed the Application for Statement Charges on 29 July, 2013, and the case was dropped on 21 August. Referring to the copy of the Application above, the True Test stamp is dated 9 October, 2013. Waiting 49 days from the date the charge was dropped to get a copy of the document is hardly rushing.

Yep. Team Kimberlin is stuck in a spin cycle, and I’d probably find the show more entertaining if I weren’t one of the lawfare targets. I don’t know how much longer it will last, but it may not be too late to invest in popcorn futures.

Stay tuned.

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Osborne has wandered of in to academia and is working on a master’s degree in history. Given his record, I wonder about the level of accuracy in any eventual thesis.

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