1 thought on “Is X Better Than Twitter?

  1. X is a thousand times better than Twitter. Elon Musk deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for rescuing free speech in America. Yep, single most important man in the entire world- The rockets are cool, too.

    In fact, X has become my primary source of news. Seriously. True story.

    Ms. (Mx.?) Navaroli warns of a ‘autocratic CEO with absolutist ideologies’. Sounds like nice work if you can get it, but- First of all, WHAT absolutist ideologies? I’ll take a practical-minded CEO grounded in business realities over an unaccountable mono-culture priesthood steeped in Woke ideologies.

    Said priesthood cooperated extensively, and The Twitter Files indicate fairly eagerly, with multiple departments of the federal government. If that doesn’t give you shivers I don’t know what would. The same priesthood CENSORED stories/writing/opinion injurious to their personal worldview (cf. Laptop From Hell and Babylon Bee as examples). NY Times, WaPo and Google provide that function (still-).

    You think ‘old Twitter’ would put up with Matt Walsh, LibsOfTikTok and Tucker Carlson in this day and age? Of course not. They’d be banned. We have an election coming up and if news and viewpoints aren’t curated appropriately, well- The Republic is at stake. Ask Ms. Navaroli. That’s right. I said it. Probably misgendered xir too. *giggle*

    So yeah. I’ll take Elon over Vijaya Gadde, Anika Navaroli, Yoel Roth and all the rest of the Truth and Safety flying monkeys any day. Not to be confused with monkeys who can actually dance. Just sayin’-

    And now for this commercial announcement: “Hi gentle persons! Would you like to have been led to this Hogewash-located comment just because it has YOUR personal name in it? Of course you would! Vijaya, Anika and Yoel will ALL see a link to this little missive in their personal emails tomorrow. And you know how? THAT’S RIGHT JONNY! Vijaya, Anika and Yoel ALL subscribe to the ‘Brett Kimberlin Google Alert Service ™’. Available from the Brettster himself; just send certified mail. Ideally with appropriate postage. Along with an undisclosed amount of cash. In small un-marked bills. No taxes but don’t forget 10% for the Big Guy. Void in most Blue States where only ‘approved media sources’ are approved.

    Didn’t think I could square this circle, did you? I crack myself up. Still. And even after all these months waiting to see John drop the hammer… I’ve still got it.

    Peace out, kiddos!

    PS- Don’t sue me Brett. It’s… Well. You know what it is.
    PPS- Vijaya, Anika and Yoel, I know you don’t understand the reference to dancing monkeys but contact John Hoge and he’ll fill you in.
    PPPS- Vijaya. You’re a lawyer right? I know a poor Pro Se who would love to work with you. Wear gloves.

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