The Afterlife: Two Views

This has been lurking on X (TSMPFKAT)—Here’s an alternate report from Paradise—

The next thing Osama bin Ladin saw after the muzzle flash was the Gates of Paradise and the Angel Gabriel beckoning him in. He walked through the Gates triumphantly, but had only gone a few feet inside when he was struck from behind and knocked to the golden street. He rolled over and saw George Washington winding up to hit him again with a walking stick. He tried to roll away, but he was kicked by Thomas Jefferson. He tried to get up and run, but he was tackled by Patrick Henry who began pounding away with his fists. Shocked, bin Ladin looked up at Gabriel and cried out, “What is happening here!” Gabriel replied, “Oh, those are just some of your 72 Virginians.”

We should pray not only for peace but also for justice.

2 thoughts on “The Afterlife: Two Views

  1. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    This explains how socialists/communists/fascists believe they are allies with Islamic fundamentalists. Both groups hate freedom-loving people. So they’re allies, get it?

    Freedom stands in the way of the utopian visions of both groups, even though those two envisioned utopias are diametrically opposites. Utopia is the goal, hating individual freedom is the group-think, destroying freedom is the path.

    Ironically, freedom allows tribal cosplay to voice that hate. But one tribe won’t accept the reality that they’ll be thrown off a roof by the other tribe if such an opportunity arises.

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