Land for Peace?

How has swapping land for peace worked for Israel?

It gave the Sinai Peninsula back to Egypt, and relations have been smooth for over 40 years. However, Egypt wouldn’t take Gaza back as part of the deal because they wanted nothing to do with the Palestinians who had settled there since 1948.

Israel gave Gaza to the Palestinians in 2005. That hasn’t worked out so well.

During the ’70s, Egypt came to an understanding of the cost of hating Israelis more than they loved their own children was too great for them to pay. Hamas hasn’t come to that understanding yet. It may be that Gaza will have to be made to resemble Carthage in order of Israel to have peace with Hamas.

Many of the usual suspects will grumble that Israel would be retaking Gaza by force, and that Israel has not right to do so. I’ll not bother to pay attention to such claims until they are accompanied by demands that Kaliningrad (aka Königsberg) be returned to the Germany as the successor state to Prussia.

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