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This Prevarication Du Jour from ten years ago today took note of a likely problem Bill Schmalfeldt had and still has with obscenity.

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So the Cabin Boy thinks his cage is being rattled because of his involvement with Brett Kimberlin and the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO suit, does he?ftrrnews201310180113Z

The way not to be involved is to not be involved. Acting as The Dread Pirate Kimberlin’s PR flack, posting dark hints about coming events, and posting advance copies of court filings all tend to show a connection to TDPK as an agent, employee, and/or co-conspirator.

I have no firm plans about exactly how I will mount my defense of the suit, but I won’t be surprised if one or more of the defendants were to join Schmalfeldt as a party to the suit in their counterclaims. I’d say that the Cabin Boy is already in up to his neck—if he had one.

There’s a proverb about lying down with the dogs and being bitten by fleas.

UPDATE—The Cabin Boy might want to spend a while meditating on the possible relationships between some of the images he has posted on the Internet of late (especially images of Ali Akbar or me) and the RICO statutes 18 USC 1961, et seq.

As used in this chapter—

(1) “racketeering activity” means (A) any act or threat … dealing in obscene matter …

UPDATE 2—obscene

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There are some legal matters which have no statute of limitations.

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