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I was first able to bring some accountability to Team Kimberlin in 2013 when I secured a peace order against Bill Schmalfeldt. That order wound up being renewed because of his continuing cyberharassment. He continued his harassment, and I secured a second peace order in 2014. Eventually, several other of his targets secured other restraining orders in other states.

In October, 2014, Schmalfeldt tried to use the fact that all of his web activities wound up as failures as evidence he was the real victim of the brouhaha he had created. Nine years ago today, I published this Prevarication Du Jour.

* ** * *

@wmsdb201410041306ZWhile he has taken down his deterioradio_dot_com site, the Cabin Boy™ apparently believes that the material he has published on his schmalfelt_dot_org and anonymouscowardsanonymous_dot_wordpress_dot_com sites deal with books, radio, or Parkinson’s advocacy. It looks like the same old attack crap to me. (I would publish thumbnails to show the kind of pictures of his perceived enemies that the Cabin Boy™ has up on his sites, but I have agreed not to publish any of his material in violations of any Terms of Service. While tweets are fair game, junk from his own sites is not.)

A side note: If the Cabin Boy™ is serious about Anonymous Cowards Anonymous, it may mean that he has realized that he is powerless over anonymous cowardice and that his life has become unmanageable. When that sinks in, perhaps he will come to believe that it will take a Power greater than himself to restore him to sanity.

* * * * *

Of course, the anonymouscowardsanonymous_dot_wordpress_dot_com went down the memory hole with the vast bulk of Schmalfeldt’s other wastes of bandwidth.I’ve lost track of how many times he’s been fired or retired from radio and small-town newspaper gigs, but at last report he was doing mornings in Ashland, Wisconsin, again.

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