Good News, But Does This Headline Confuse Progressives?

It’s is good news that Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has upheld laws in Tennessee and Kentucky protecting minors from “medical” procedures aimed at suppressing normal biological development during puberty or cosmetic surgery designed to alter apparent sexual identity. However, referring to such law as “child safety” measures may confuse some Progressives. Progressives tend to think of “safety” measures as bans, but unlike “gun safety” laws which ban firearms, these laws don’t ban children.

1 thought on “Good News, But Does This Headline Confuse Progressives?

  1. Monsters exist who tell little kids to mutilate themselves. These monsters try to take advantage of little kids’ faith and trust in adults. These monsters care more about their own problems, politics, and desires then they do about the little kids they want to use.

    When medical institutions place the desires of monsters ahead of little kids, can we still depend on those institutions? Socialist villages won’t protect kids, and not virtuous-sounding government bureaucracies, and certainly not “librarians” with personal agendas.

    Strong parents are the best defense against monsters seeking little kids. You can tell when good parents are doing their job when you hear the monsters screeching like political banshees.

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