Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

One of the common activities of Team Kimberlin was telling lies, and that led to a series of post called Prevarication Du Jour. This one is from ten years ago today.

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(H/T, Frankie)

ffr201310012933ZPerhaps that sort of bogus claim is Bill Schmalfeldt’s way of yelling and banging on the table when he realizes that the facts and the law are both arrayed against him.

I began writing about Schmalfeldt in September, 2012. After I wrote about his publishing sealed court documents, he sent me this comment. It’s one of three I received from him on 7 November, 2012.
BS201211071636ZThe charges were filed because he was harassing me and my family. Is he now saying that he would not remember doing so if I hadn’t sought relief?

Or is he simply lying?

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He was lying.

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