Tonight’s Postmortem

Well, a significant amount time was wasted by panelists talking over one another.

Burgum was straightforward in pointing out that some things aren’t the business of the federal government. Christie talked about how to use federal assets within constitutional limits, but even he suggested the need for at least one federal law to address a non-federal problem.

The South Carolinians did not come off well. Tim Scott’s lack of executive experience showed in his answers. Nikki Haley stuck me as abrasive.

Mike Pence is past his sell-by date.

Ramaswamy seems to have a lot of good ideas that aren’t well integrated politically. As Bismarck noted, politics is the art of the possible. Some of the things Ramaswamy wants to do aren’t doable, at least in the short run.

I don’t think DeSantis hurt himself, but I also don’t think he helped himself either.

So who won? Burgum seemed to be the adult in the room. Christie talked a game that would be good if he can get the voters to trust him. DeSantis didn’t move the needle one way or the other.

Given that the debate was in California, maybe the winner was Gavin Newsom.

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