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Yesterday, we took a look at Bill Schmalfeldt’s latest unretirment. Nine years ago, Schmalfeldt was going through one of his retirements. Here’s what his (at)Parkinsonsmedia account looked like nine years ago today.Of course, I’ve never hated Bill Schmalfeldt. He’s been bothersome, sufficiently bothersome to require attention, but not worth hating.

What have I gained by reporting on Brett Kimberlin, Schmalfeldt, and the rest? The satisfaction of standing up for free speech and standing between them some of the people they’ve tried to harass.

What has it cost? A better question would be what would have been the cost not shining some light on Team Kimberlin.

As for forgetting that Brett Kimberlin exists … I’m not done with him yet.

3 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Don’t lightly discount the positive benefit of amusement. Poking that particular sloth was always amusing.

  2. The thing about his “unretirements” that I don’t understand is: don’t his prospective employers do any kind of significant background checks? It seems to me that media companies would review social media and other platforms for potential on-air personalities, and such a search for Schmalfeldt would produce some definite red flags. Yet he seems to be able to get radio jobs with no difficulty – he does seem to have trouble keeping one, though.

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