Don’t Know Much About A Science Book

This would normally be a Don’t Know Much About Biology post, but the library angle pushed it to a different line in the song …

The Sentinel has a post up titled Johnson County libraries to provide feminine hygiene products in men’s restrooms.

Johnson County libraries will soon provide tampons and other feminine hygiene products in the men’s restrooms. Male visitors to the various Johnson County Library branches who find themselves in need will soon have no problem finding feminine hygiene products in the men’s restroom.

At the August 10 Johnson County Commission meeting, the commission voted to allow the libraries to spend $375 in library operating funds in partnership with non-profit “Strawberry Week” to provide containers for “period” products in “all public restrooms” across its 14 locations.

The briefing sheet provided to commissioners from Deputy County Librarian Kinsley Riggs, stated the $375 would actually be a savings — despite the fact that the “Johnson County, KS Facilities Department does not currently provide period products to any Johnson County, KS government buildings.”

An email seeking further information from library staff and obtained by the Sentinel sought to clarify why these products would be in men’s restrooms.

County Librarian Patricia Sullentrop responded “We don’t want staff to assume why or why not someone needs access to period products, and we acknowledge that there are fathers, grandfathers, husbands, and more who may need confidential and quick access in order to enable a child, partner, or other person in their care to remain in the library.”

Umm, but wouldn’t women go to a women’s restroom to use feminine hygiene products in privacy, and couldn’t they find them there without male assistance?

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