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The TKPOTD for ten years ago riffed on the running gag that Team Kimberlin was buying their legal advice from the same Acme that sold all those fine products to a certain coyote.

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The source of Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt’s “legal” briefs has been found—Acme Underwear.team_kimberlin_brief

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Later that day, I engaged in a bit of shameless commerce related to Acme.

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the-acme-catalogFrom the purveyors of “legal” advice to Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfledt—iron birdseed, anvils, fake holes, and more—for years The ACME Company has been the sole purveyor of the fine products used by Looney Tunes characters. Chronicle Books is proud to present an exclusive catalog featuring ACME’s must-have, best-selling line of items, each guaranteed to promote a happy* life provided that they are used properly.** Including ACME classics and entirely new and untested items, the ACME Catalog showcases 100 products untarnished by government regulations. There’s something here for everyone. An extruder that doubles as a pasta maker for Grandma. A roof-mounted catapult for Dad. And what about a little jet-powered pogo stick for yourself? Each item is matched with a thorough product description, the price, and the shipping cost. As always, the ACME Company brings corporate identity sans responsibility to everything sold with its label. Please note that the ACME Company has no retail outlets or web site. In other words, this catalog is the only way for consumers to access this highly sought-after ACME line.

*”Happy” being relative to the level of one’s acceptance of fate.
**Liability is limited to the competence of the user.

LOONEY TUNES and all related characters and elements are trademarks of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Click here to order from Amazon.


UPDATE—Marvin Acme wore bow ties.

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I recently found this motivational poster on X.Given their level of incompetence, I doubt Team Kimberlin could ever hit what they’re aiming at.

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