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The TKPOTD for ten years ago today took a look at some of Team Kimberlin’s attempts to use parody websites for harassment.

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A couple of months ago, Team Kimberlin put up active websites on some domains they had registered. One was theothermccain dot net. Another was And one was hogewash dot net. All three were attack sites, and the two dot net sites were presented as parodies of the genuine articles.

hogewashdotnet0808I was … proud isn’t the word … let’s just say that I found a certain satisfaction that a relatively small-time site like Hogewash! caused so much angst at Team Kimberlin. For a few days, a great deal of effort went into trying to make fun of me. Then the dueling DMCA claims hit, compounded by Team Kimberlin’s use of obscene images. (I note that all of the offending images used by Team Kimberlin are still down, although some required multiple hits. None of the claims asserted by Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt have stood up.) There was a bit of activity early this month, but apparently the effort required to make fun of me on the Internet is too much given some of the real world challenges facing Team Kimberlin. No one has updated hogewash dot net since 8 August.

The Internet is littered with dormant sites related to Team Kimberlin. Some make sense because they have Donate buttons. If a site brings in more that it costs to keep it up, it’s a cash cow. Others may be liabilities.

We will see.

* * * * *

Dozens of Kimberlin-related sites have popped and failed over the past decade, and Hogewash! is still muddling along.

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