Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

One of the ways Team Kimberlin attempted to harass various people was to photoshop their likenesses or those of family members into pornographic or other disgusting images. For example, Bill Schmalfeldt added my headshot from a college annual to a pornographic image that I cannot reproduce because it was sealed by a judge.

While I’ve used images of the members of Team Kimberlin to poke fun at them, but I’ve kept it clean. Breaking: #BillSchmalfeldt Once Had a Neck ran ten years ago today.

* * * * *

BS_Junior Class Photo 1971We interrupt normal blogging for this bulletin—A high school picture reputed to be of Bill Schmalfeldt as a Junior has been found. It provides evidence that he once had a neck.

We return now to normal blogging.

* * * * *

BTW, I started to college when I was 17. The picture Schmalfeldt used to create porn was taken when I was still under age.

One more thing … Schmalfeldt recently spent a brief stint as editor of the Center (ND) Republican. While he returned to the town where he graduated from high school, there is no indication that his neck returned with him.

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