Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Sometime the TKPOTD deals with individuals who aren’t full members of the team but are among its significant enablers. Nine years ago, we took a look at the late Kevin Zeese.

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How does an attorney whose license to practice is suspended make a living? One possibility would be lots of part-time jobs.

Here are a few of organizations for which Kevin Zeese “works.” The websites shown in the table list Mr. Zeese’s affiliations the organizations.ZeeseOrgsHmmmm. The usual suspect organizations.

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Zeese had a JD degree from George Washington University and his first job out of law school was as chief counsel for the National Organization for the Reform on Marijuana Laws. However, there is very little evidence that he spent much time actually practicing law.

Although he lived in Maryland, he wasn’t a member of that state’s bar; the only jurisdiction where he was licensed was DC and he occasionally let that license lapse. That may be the reason why he never represented Kimberlin whose lawfare cases were never filed in DC.

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