A Crisis Flood of Immigrants

The Governor of Massachusetts is asking the state’s residents to open their homes to illegal immigrants because the state’s shelters are almost full. Fox 25 reports,

The governor said anywhere between 10 to 30 migrant families a day are coming into Massachusetts.

The “crisis” is driven in part by Massachusetts being the only state with a “right-to-shelter” law, and Governor Healey says close to 5,600 families are currently housed in the state’s emergency shelter system.

Del Rio, El Paso, and McAllen were unavailable for comment.

2 thoughts on “A Crisis Flood of Immigrants

  1. It’s like what Aaron Walker points out. You can’t have both open borders and free everything for everyone coming across the border.

    You end up having to support the rest of the world by the work of the home population.

    The basic needs of eating and living require more than just whatever gets politicians elected.

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