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The TKPOTD from ten years ago today easily could have been an I’m Not Making This Up, You Know, post.

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Kimberlin_uniformThis is from p. 131 of Citizen K by Mark Singer:

Kimberlin, wearing a uniform with Department of Defense insignia and using the alias Drew Jacobs, had gone to the printing shop to order and later to pick up Defense Department driver’s licenses and license plates and a replica of the Presidential seal. He used the same alias when he wore the uniform in two other stores, where he bought embossed name tags and emergency flares. A woman named Andrea Mazzone, a waitress in Dayton, Ohio, and an occasional girlfriend of Kimbelin’s , described how she picked up the uniform he’d ordered from a Dayton store in the name of Jeff Duvall and, in her apartment, tried on. He sister, Dorene, was also present in the apartment, and she recalled seeing military insignia sewn on the sleeve of the shirt. A photograph of Kimberlin in full regalia, taken at the time of his arrest, was introduced into evidence.

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These appeared in the comment section of the original post—And there’s the issue of the grooming standards for uniformed DoD personnel in the late ’70s.

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