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The TKPOTD for ten years ago today looked at a commonly believed reason for Brett Kimberlin’s choosing to become the Speedway Bomber.

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mo_kimberlinThe following passage is from p. 89 of Citizen K by Mark Singer. To provide some context, I should tell the Gentle Reader that on the day her mother Julia Scyphers was murdered, Sandi Barton was in Texas. She had driven a trailer load of marijuana there for Brett Kimberlin.

Four weeks following the murder, after a ten-day hiatus in newspaper coverage, the News revealed a fragmentary detail of Sandi’s trip to Texas: she had initialed rental papers when the trailer was picked up in Indiana and dropped off in Texas. The story also noted that federal narcotics agents had previously investigated Kimberlin, identified not by name but as “a primary suspect.” Mainly, the newspaper report reiterated the theory from which the police had not budged: Julia Scyphers was the target of a “revenge murder”; the investigation “centered around a relationship between a female relative and a young Indianapolis businessman”; Julia Scyphers “had argued with the businessman on several occasions.”

Six days later, the bombs started going off.

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The Gentle Reader who would like to know more about the connection between Brett Kimberlin and Julia Scyphers and why he might seek revenge against her can find more information here.

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