Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Why did I start writing about Brett Kimberlin? As I noted ten years ago today, It All Started With Seth Allen.

* * * * *

Seth Allen is a left-wing blogger. We disagree on almost everything, but we agree on our distaste for Brett Kimberlin. It was Seth Allen’s blogging that first shone a light on Kimberlin’s activities with Justice Through Music Project and Velvet Revolution US and got under Kimberlin’s skin. It was the Kimberlin v. Allen civil suit that got Aaron Walker involved with Brett Kimberlin. It was Brett Kimberlin’s attack on Aaron Walker’s First Amendment rights that brought about Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day. And it was my involvement in EBABKD that got me writing about Brett Kimberlin.

That’s a barebones outline. Stacy McCain fills in the gaps here.

* * * * *

Read all of Stacy’s post to better understand the bizarre background of The Kimberlin Saga.

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