The Gathering Storm

My podcasting partner Stacy McCain has a post up about one of our former codefendant’s take on the coming Republican primary season. Stacy notes in a post titled If Trump Has Lost Ace of Spades …

I don’t know, but maybe some of Trump’s more outspoken supporters should think about their toning down their rhetoric just a wee bit, because they appear to be in danger of violating Rule Number One: Never piss off Ace of Spades.

Ace has very good instincts about who is or is not Down For The Agenda. If he ever starts taking shots at somebody, you can bet that sooner or later that person will prove himself to be an unprincipled quisling.

Like Stacy, I’m more-or-less agnostic about who should be the Republican nominee for 2024—in my case so long as the nominee meets William F. Buckley’s criterion of the most conservative candidate who can win. I doubt that Donald Trump is that person because I doubt that he can win another general election.

The next few months are going to be interesting, but not necessarily in a good way,

1 thought on “The Gathering Storm

  1. God, Buckley the author of Let’s give the Panama Canal back so the South Americans will love us and forget the cultural underpinnings of society as espoused by those nasty right wingers and focus on how big government finances can be controlled. This from a man who couldn’t fill the boots of his father. Ugh. Let’s run another Romney or McCain.

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