Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal Falls Through

BREAKING: When asked by the judge if the plea deal granted Biden immunity from prosecution on other charges related to foreign lobbying, the US Attorney said, “No.” Biden’s lawyer responded that the deal was now “null and void.”

Stay tuned.

UPDATE—And now, it may be back. It’s being reported that Biden’s lawyers now agree that the deal doesn’t cover unrelated issues and that Biden could be charged with other crimes in the future.

Could be charged.

And the likelihood of that is …

UPDATE 2—The deal did fall through. Hunter has entered a not-guilty plea to the charges.

4 thoughts on “Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal Falls Through

  1. Am I correct in thinking that the defense sabotaged the deal because it became apparent that, with global immunity, Hunter could be prevented from pleading the 5th on any other issue and compelled to testify against his father?

    Hunter’s being thrown under the bus to protect his father.

    • Or it could be that the DoJ was keeping the FARA charges out of the deal so that Hunter could use the 5th to avoid testifying about the family’s foreign corruption.

      • From what I’ve seen today there was a GLOBAL immunity protection in the pre-trial diversion document (outside the plea deal). Looks like the judge saw the crap going on sub rosa and called out the deal makers.

  2. The narratives fed to and broadcast by the media are going to be changing frequently. Someone should start recording each narrative iteration.

    Mass quantities of popcorn to be munched.

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