Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

I was the first person to hold a member to hold a member of Team Kimberlin accountable for his cyberthuggery when I was successful in my petition for a peace order against Bill Schmalfeldt. He managed collect a dozen such orders from courts in five states. One of them was issued six years ago today. The post about it was titled Qapla’.

* * * * *

Breaking: I am informed that a restraining order was granted in Palmer v. Schmalfeldt.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE—I’m informed that the Cabin Boy™ was present at the hearing.

More later.

UPDATE 2—Here is the Restraining Order:

UPDATE 3—Sarah Palmer talks about today’s events over at the Artisan Craft Blog.

* * * * *

The court had to find that Schmalfeldt had “committed unlawful conduct” in order to grant the restraining order. Nothing proceeded as Schmalfeldt had hallucinated.

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