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One of the recurring bits of mockery aimed a Team Kimberlin has been posts about how abysmally small their web presence really is. The TKPOTD for eight years ago today opened with the implication that Bill Schmalfeldt’s web traffic was so small that he believed his only readers were stalking him.

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Apparently, the Cabin Boy™ now thinks that anyone who reads his blog is stalking him.grouchcast365}201507102347ZLet me zoom in on the IP address of the Cabin Boy’s™ alleged stalker.WrongIPOooo! That’s a dynamic IP associated with, one my ISPs (I have connections via three different ISPs). BTW, it’s a dynamic IP that gets reassigned from user to user, but I’ll bet Schmalfeldt believes he has airtight proof that I was stalking him looking at his blog.

FWIW, here’s my IP address via the connection I was using on Friday night.IPAddressFor the record, I do look at the Cabin Boy’s™ blog from time to time, usually via TOR, so the IP left behind is rarely one associated with any of my ISPs.

Oh, and given that Schmalfeldt makes comments about the contents of Hogewash! and even cuts and pastes from this blog, it seems that under his own definition he is stalking me.

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It appears that Schmalfeldt’s web presence is continuing to shrink. As of 9:30 pm ET last night, the website for the newspaper carrying his writing has a world sites rating of #19,987,320. His abandoned ranks at #2,618,813.


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  1. its puzzling that still exists. I checked it out of curiosity and there it is. Seems like it should have passed beyond long since. Is he still paying to maintain that page? And he used to revel in calling us dumb at every possible opportunity.

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