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The Gentle Reader who has been following The Saga of The Dread Deadbeat Pirate/Pro-Se/Publisher/Protector Kimberlin may recall that he testified under oath in 2016 about he and his merry band of hackers were working with the DoJ to protect the election from untoward influences over the Internet. Here are some examples of Team Kimberlin’s coding skills.

The websites for breitbartunmasked dot com, jtmp dot org, and protectourelections dot org have all had clocks added to their menu bars. While the clocks display the correct current Greenwich Mean Time, the dates shown are random. I took these screenshots yesterday evening, beginning when the current GMT date/time was 9 July 12:36 AM. Note: The webpage with the correct date was the DONATE page for protectourelections dot org.

Given this level of coding skills, we should probably not be too shocked that Team Kimberlin was unable to adequately support the DoJ in 2016 and failed to protect the election from Trump’s win.

2 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. It’s quite possible that this is a cache issue, either on your browser or their server or both. I’ve seen this on many sites that use a clock. WordPress is also not the best when it comes to timing clocks due to plug-ins, server times etc. You said they were hosted offshore, maybe that also comes into play too. The themes do look much better than they had before though. Not too concerned about clocks like you seem to be, I don’t think clocks are the responsibility of the owners of these sites, rather I think that is the theme developers who designed the theme and are the ones that coded it so they would be the ones responsible for them working or not. Its odd of course, but not a huge thing to focus on unless you tend to be hyper focused on tiny details. Maybe that comes from your work at the space agency where minor details like that would be cause for alarm bells. Here, its just a set of websites. You even mentioned they are of little to no consequence, so not sure why a clock is such an issue, especially since people just buy themes or download them for free these days. Maybe you should contact them and demand they fix their clocks, and if they don’t then you’ll report them. Not sure who to report them too, maybe their host would get really upset at them and get rid of them since they can’t fix the clocks. I’m sure that’s a major policy violation.

    • Yes, the bug could be cache issue. However, I’ve seen the problem with multiple browsers on different computers, so the problem seems to be on the other end. Whoever is maintaining those sites either isn’t sufficiently interested in them to have noticed the problem or can’t fix the problem or doesn’t care.

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