Massive Resistance

It appears that the Democrats are readopting their strategy of massive resistance to Supreme Court rulings on civil rights. For example, the Attorney General of Arizona (a Democrat) has announced that her office will continue to prosecute business that assert their First Amendment rights against compelled speech. Arizona has a law similar to the Colorado statute struck down in 303 Creative v. Elenis.

While Orval Faubus and Harry Byrd were unavailable for comment, it has been reported that they were smiling.

3 thoughts on “Massive Resistance

  1. Each time the (Democrats, Progressives, Resistance, Socialists, Left, et al.) declare that they will not follow the law, they set a new standard for political behavior. Then they act (surprised, clueless, hurt, insulted, outraged) when the rest of previously-law-abiding society follows in kind.

    In terms of percentage of population, the (Democrats, Progressives, Resistance, Socialists, Left, et al.) represent a small minority. I wonder what they’re going to do when the rest of the population also starts ignoring the law. Will they call for the U.S. Air Force to bomb the United States, as President Joe Biden has suggested?

    The democrats lust for power and money leaves them perpetually short-sighted. But they don’t care how they look. They’re lying morons who want power and money.

  2. If governments can state openly that they will not be bound by the Constitution, the citizens can and should do the same.

  3. If a state attorney general proclaims that it’s ok to ignore the law, then even having a state attorney general becomes moot.

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