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It was ten years ago today that Hogewash! took note of A New Member for Team Kimberlin.

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Last night, a Twitter troll popped up and attempted to go after Aaron Walker for a while. William A. Ferguson (aka @wilsb8) tried to bait Mr. Walker with a bunch of the Team Kimberlin stock nonsense about inciting Muslims and practicing law without a license. Ferguson also had a minor exchange with me.

William A. Ferguson ‏@wjjhoge Another member of the legal brain trust steps forward!
10:55 PM – 26 Jun 13

WJJ Hoge ‏@wilsb8 IANAL, just a victim who pushed back.
11:06 PM – 26 Jun 13

William A. Ferguson ‏@wjjhoge And lost if the press I’ve read about you is true.
11:07 PM – 26 Jun 13

WJJ Hoge ‏@wilsb8 You appear to be misinformed. I won Hoge v. Schmalfeldt. The court has not yet ruled on Hoge v. Kimberlin.
12:10 AM – 27 Jun 13

William A. Ferguson appears to be another intersection between Team Kimberlin and marginal players (pun intended) in the music business. He lists his occupations as Mastering Engineer, Producer, and Musician. (Back when I did mastering, it involved running a disk cutting lathe.) He operates Nova Media Group US, an outfit that solicits tracks from aspiring musicians and packages them a singles for distribution on iTunes, Amazon, etc. Unlike a real label, no artist promotion is provided. OTOH, his cut is only 10% instead of the usual 50%. The operation actually appears to be more like one of the custom record pressing houses or cassette/8-track duplicators that used to do small runs of goods that “Tex Nobody” acts would sell after their shows.

In spite of what the NMGUS website says about not doing CDs or vinyl, Amazon advertises a couple of CDs from the label, noting that they are manufactured when ordered. (If you want to buy them, go to the Home page and click on the Amazon link on the right. Hogewash! gets a commission if you do.) The only digital singles I’ve found are the two title tracks from those CDs.

According to his Google+ page, Ferguson attends Capella University. He says that he’s a Navy veteran and has worked for HP and Apple. There are several pictures of him with an 8-string bass. One interesting person in his Google+ circles is Bill Schmalfeldt. He is also among Schmalfeldt’s circles. I’m informed that the Cabin Boy is recommending that folks should follow Ferguson on Twitter.

Just before clicking the Publish button, I looked to see if @wilsb8 had decided to move on from trolling Aaron Walker. I found these:

William A. Ferguson @AaronWorthing How could Allen be you client when you’re not licensed to practice law in the state of Maryland? #gotcha
9:00 AM – 27 Jun 13

William A. Ferguson ‏@AaronWorthing Debate? You came to me in a pathetic attempt to control the conversation to suit your ends. I made it clear I wouldn’t play.
1:24 PM – 27 Jun 13

More Team Kimberlin gibberish. A member of the bar, while he is within a state where he is licensed, may offer legal advice to a client about the laws of that state, or any other state, or federal law. Thus, if Aaron Walker is in Virginia or the District of Columbia, he may practice law and advise his clients—even about the laws of Maryland.

Here’s an actual example of unlicensed practice of law. During the Walker v. Schmalfeldt peace order case, someone filed a Motion to Dismiss on Bill Schmalfeldt’s behalf. The motion was not filed by Schmalfeldt’s lawyer. Indeed, Tae Kim was not aware of it until the judge brought it up during a hearing. If Bill Schmalfeldt didn’t write the motion himself, whoever did write it was engaged in the unlicensed practice of law unless he was a member of the Maryland bar. (If he was a lawyer, filing behind Kim’s back was an ethical breach.)

It looks like we have a new member of the pirate crew. Are there suggestions for his position in the ship’s company?

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Given his naval experience, Ferguson was assigned as a Very Ordinary Seaman.

When anyone bothers to take notice of VOSF, the mockery continues.

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