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One of Brett Kimberlin’s enablers, at least during the first few years of The Saga of Team Kimberlin, was the lawyer who served as the Executive Director of Justice Through Music Project. Part Deux of the TKPOTD for ten years years ago was about Jeffrey Cohen.

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Earlier today, I did a post about a discrepancy between the State of Maryland’s incorporation records and the IRS filings by Justice Through Music Project. The state records show that the organization was formed in 2003, but the date they’ve put on their IRS Form 990s is 2005. So which date is correct?

The About Us page at the JTMP website says this:

Nationally known entertainment attorney Jeff Cohen and other computer savvy activists founded JTMP in 2003 …

The IRS filings are signed by Jeffrey R. Cohen who is listed as the Executive Director of JTMP. Mr. Cohen is a lawyer with interests in the entertainment business, but he’s not the Jeff Cohen most people think of in connection with an entertainment industry law firm. That Jeff Cohen, BTW, was only 20 years old and still an undergraduate at UCLA when JTMP was founded.

Jeffrey R. Cohen is no newbie to the practice of law. He is admitted to practice in New York, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, and Massachusetts, as well as numerous Federal Courts. Cohen is also one of the authors of West’s Trademarks form volume and has been an adjunct faculty member at his alma mater, Washington University School of Law.

It’s a bit puzzling that Mr. Cohen would have signed off on such an easily detected error and that he did so in multiple filings over many years. Most lawyers are more careful with facts; they have to be. Their Rules of Professional Ethics require it.


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Mr. Cohen is no longer associated with Justice Through Music Project.

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