Hate Speech

Consider those words: hate speech.

When the Left uses them, they act as if the first word hate is an adjective categorizing speech they deem improper. In reality, they mean the first word to be a verb. The phrase becomes a command. They want us to hate speech, especially speech that challenges them.

Robust, free speech challenges all of us, and comedy forces us to laugh at our own silliness. Consider this famous scene about four humorless activists from Life of Brian

Watch Eric Idle toward the end. He’s obviously trying not to burst out laughing at the absurdity of the material.

John Cleese is putting together a stage version of Life of Brian. Some actors reading the script urged that the I Want to Have Babies scene be cut, but Cleese has refused to drop it. Bravo! He can still do so here, but in other countries making a joke can now be punished as a hate crime.

I intend to continue to laugh. If that makes me a hate criminal, so be it.

1 thought on “Hate Speech

  1. The childish made-up rage is the tell. Modern life has become so secure that real threats are rare. Children need a means to show they are worthwhile. If real threats don’t exist, they make up threats they can rage about and defeat. But in doing so, they can actually create real threats, burning down everything around them.

    Remember “cultural appropriation”? Where did it go? It was a made-up threat. It was adolescent make-up rage. Now they’ve moved on to other made-up things to rage about.

    Why is there a statistical surge in the number of young boys having their penises removed? It’s a made-up crisis, and certain adults and medical personnel go along with the disastrous fantasy, burning down the lives of the youngsters who are not yet ready to make real-life decisions.

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