Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Given the recent buzz about the Russia Collusion Hoax caused by the Durham Report, this is a good time to remind the Gentle Readers of Brett Kimberlin’s attempts to have a piece of that action.

In 2016, Kimberlin testified under oath that he was working with the Department of Justice to protect the election from Russian hacking. However, there is evidence that Kimberlin was tied to efforts by Ukrainian interests associated with the Democrats and the Poroshenko regime to affect the election.

In 2017, Kimberlin was involved in an attempt to use forged documents to attack the Trump Administration.

In 2018, Kimberlin was still running his now-defunct Russia Dossier website.

One of his corporate entities is called Protect Our Elections/EMPR Inc. EMPR stands for Euromaidan PR, an English-language Ukrainian news site, and the (at)EuromaindPR Twitter account describes itself as “Official Twitter of International PR Secretariat for HQ of National Resistance 2014.” Given that and Kimberlin’s activities since 2016, one might wonder whose elections Kimberlin wishes to protect.

BTW, empr dot media domain hosted on the same offshore server as most of the Kimberlin-related sites is now redirecting to ukraineforntlines cot com which is hosted in the U. S., and the EuromaidanPR twitter account is calling itself Ukraine Front Lines.


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