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One of the minor members of Team Kimberlin, Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson, left a comment to last Saturday’s TKPOTD. You can read it here. It’s been a while since I’ve checked up on Ferguson. His instagram account is private. He hasn’t posted any new tracks at or new posts at since 2021. However, he has been posting stuff at GitHub,

He describes himself on his ABOUT page at GitHub like this—

My name is William A. Ferguson and I am a back-end Web Developer and avid modular synthesizer hobbyist. I create beautiful websites like this one.

Here’s the AWARDS page from that site—I looks as if his web development is on par with his imagined musicianship.

The mockery continues.

24 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Oh, Hoggy! Your website came out of a box with zero programming skills required whereas mine was built entirely Bootstrap from the ground up.

    The only thing you did to make it officially yours was register a domain. Anyone with half a brain could do that and, frankly, I’m surprised you managed that feat with less.

    It’s as if your web skills are on par with your imagined legal acumen.

    Or your choice of friends.

    • Last I checked, Mr. Hoge doesn’t purport to be a web developer, nor does he pal around with domestic terrorists and pedophiles.

      What kind of traffic is your “beautiful” website pulling in, Willie?

        • No, he fits neither. Your pal Brett fits both, though.

          Words have meanings. You should learn them.

          So, about that traffic, then?

          • Where have you been, Paulie?

            It’s been a very long time since you’ve left any comments here, almost like you were bored with something until something came along to reinvigorate your desire to leave comments here?

          • “I lied and you caught me.” shouldn’t be so hard to admit, Willie. Try it. Grow a little.

            So, are you going to tell us about your success at drawing web traffic, or are you just going to keep doing the monkey dance?

        • Hey Willie, how’s your buddy Johan?

          Oops. You just never know about some people, do you? Of course, there are still those who will see a photo on Twitter of a 14 year old girl and tweet “I’d hit that” but you’re not one of tho– oh wait.

      • And yes, Hoggy has always maintained to be a web developer, that his coding-fu is best and that his is more powerful than mere mortals.

        Yeah, he’s said as much.

        So, no, Paulie you really haven’t been paying much attention.

        By the way, Hoge: you’re welcome! This is the most action your little WordPress site has seen in a long time.

    • Wow, lookit you, all defensive and desperate for any sort of validation you can pull out of thin air!

      GitHub repository: full!🥳

      Self-esteem repository: empty.😭

      Don’t change a thing, we love you just the way you are.

    • I find it ironic that you seem fixated on pedophiles considering your very public statements that you wanted to have sex with a 14 year old girl. Strange how everyone that supported Kimberlin has a sick perversion for kids.

    • Oh, I’m sorry!

      At this website it has been previously established (by a certain DUMBFUCK acquaintance of yours, I believe) that GitHub repositories are not an accurate measure of success.

      I know our host has an active weekly podcast.

      Where’s yours??

    • And to think that.all the doom and gloom the Pirate Crew always predicted, never happened . No one was jailed, nobody lost their job or their houses, etc. The Pirate crew did manage to rack up a shiteload of restraining orders, and show a tendency not to be able to keep any real gainful employment though.

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