Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

it was ten years ago today that Team Kimberlin fired its opening shot (a dud) in their campaign of lawfare against my reporting on their activities. The TKPOTD for that day dealt with Bill Schmalfeldt’s uphill struggle to raise money to hire a lawyer.

* * * * *

BSsuitfund20130514And in other news, Bill Schmalfeldt is trying to raise money for a lawsuit against the right wing nut jobs who are harassing him. Here’s how he was doing as of yesterday at 9:15 pm.

UPDATE–FWIW, I don’t believe that anyone has been harassing Bill Schmalfeldt. Rather, I believe he has been harassing others.

If he can be taken at his word (risky), I’m one of his targets.

* * * * *

Even when represented by counsel, Team Kimberlin has maintained its perfect batting average of .000.

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