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It often seems the members of Team Kimberlin write or say things without carefully thinking about their choice of words. Consider this example from the TKPOTD from seven years ago today.

* * * * *

S_A201605121243ZNow, that’s an interesting turn of phrase.

* * * * *

Here are a comment and a VV cartoon from the 2016 post—Yes, the mockery continues.

3 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Except your case did end, it went down faster than a drunken prom date and all of us (Brett Kimberlin included) prevailed.

    Hi, Hoge. Long time, no see!

    Yeah, I had a look at your blog post about your buddy Ali and wow was it pure cope! You know, “adjudicated” was your favorite word for the longest time: any comment about how you feel about it now?

    The thing is we were all correct about Ali the whole time. We all knew about him. The only one who didn’t “foresee” any of this was you.

    Anyway, I periodically read your blog from time to time and, from what I can tell, you ended being that guy from high school who graduated four years ago but still hangs out in the parking lot to show everyone your sweet, bitchin’ car!

    I’ll be about the area. Toodles!

    • And you are still the same loser making shitty music in your one man band, never having a date for prom, and getting to school\work on your mom’s bike . LOL

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