Time Wasting Bureaucracy

I grew up with electric stoves. My mother thought they were a great improvement on the coal stoves she had learned to cook with. The first place I rented when I got out on my own had a gas stove, and it didn’t take long for me to appreciate its superior speed and control of the heat delivered and the time saved cooking on an electric stove. Mrs. Hoge and I remodeled the kitchen here at Stately Hoge Manor soon after we moved in, and we replaced the electric stove with a 4-burner plus griddle 36-in Viking stove plus a small electric wall oven for small baking tasks. We also replaced the toaster coil electric heat with a gas furnace.

The Biden administration is proposing stove “efficiency regulations” that could force cooks to waste almost a full day a year by increasing the time they will have to wait for water to boil. The Washington Free Beacon reports—

The “efficiency” regulations unveiled by President Joe Biden’s Energy Department in January would limit high-heat stove burners used for cooking tasks such as boiling water and searing meats, according to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. Without those burners, the association found in an analysis on the impact of the stove regulations, U.S. consumers would spend an extra seven minutes trying to boil more than one pot of water. As a result, those Americans would spend “about 23 additional hours per year waiting for water to boil” under the regulations, the association found.

Tar. Feathers.

4 thoughts on “Time Wasting Bureaucracy

  1. President Biden reminds you to heat with renewables, but your tar is soon to be banned anyway. Try honey instead.

  2. We always had an electric stove because my father worked for GE and got a discount. I’ve cooked with gas for 25 years now and will not go back to electric.

  3. I think the argument these days isn’t so much gas vs the old electric, as it is gas vs induction. Everyone I know with induction swears by it.

    At the Manor we have gas – good luck grilling a steak on a griddle or tossing a wok on an induction cooktop. Vive la différence!

    Am I a conspiracy theorist for considering that it’s easier to remotely turn off the electricity of a citizen with the wrong ideas, than it is their gas?

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