That Pesky Bill of Rights

Those first ten amendments to the Constitution keep getting in the way of Our Betters controlling our lives for us. In the early 20th Century, Progressive managed to amend the Constitution to advance their policies. They gave us the income tax and Prohibition, and only one of those mistakes has been corrected.

Now that the Supreme Court has affirmed that the Second Amendment means what it says, Progressives are seeing their gun control agenda swirling down the drain as most lower courts begin overturning infringing laws and regulations. We’re in for a series of blue state legislative hissy fits passing patently unconstitutional laws which the courts will overturn. The next few years will be messing ins states like Maryland.

It’s been suggested Progressives should try to repeal the Second Amendment, but their likelihood of success is very low. Amending the Constitution require approval by 3/4 of the states, and now that Nebraska has become the 27th state to have recognized constitutional carry, the majority of the states are on record supporting that portion of the Bill of Rights.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

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