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Eight years ago today, Bill Schmalfeldt sent one of the most stupid emails in his career of cyberthuggery, and I shared it with a post titled Mrs. Hoge Gets Ah Email.

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Mrs. Hoge received the following email. Note that it has a bogus return address. The headers show that it was sent via a remailer service.

From: televisionwatch@gmail.comd
Subject: Local “minister” WJJ Hoge is no one to admire. Vile harassment lobbied against disabled man.

A copy of what has been sent to Sheriff’s office, the local news and, of course, the forestry board. Thank your husband for any attention you get.

WJJ Hoge of Westminster, a man who claims to be a minister, is waging a petty war against a Parkinsons sufferer. Why? Because they dislike one another. Mr. Hoge has admitted ownership of the content attached in the link below. It is filthy and meant only to emotionally harm his “enemy” and nothing more.

One other time Mr. Hoge was angered, he created this online movement meant to harrass local officials:

Everyone Blog About Howard County SA Office

This man claims to be doing the lord’s work, believes he is standing up for Jesus. In truth, he is a bully, a hypocrite and someone who can only create walls and vitriol. Online harassment is something we take seriously when it involves children, but we ignore it when it comes to disabled adults. Is this what Maryland has become?

His wife, Connie, is a member of the Forestry Board and, therefore, a public figure.

Mrs. Hoge forwarded this message to me, and it popped up on my iPhone while I was at a Candidates’ Forum being held in the studios of our local public access cable station. There were two panels that night. The first was the candidates for Sheriff. The second was the candidates for State’s Attorney.

Sometimes it’s good to be able to share things with your neighbors.

UPDATE—The Cabin Boy™ says he didn’t send the email.@PatO201405030151Z

The email refers to “what has been sent to Sheriff’s office,” but the complaint Schmalfeldt filed is timestamped 18:00 on 30 April, and the headers for the email show a timestamp of  “30 Apr 2014 17:48:48.” (See the comment section below.). [link to comment] Now, who other than the Cabin Boy™ would have been aware of the contents of the complaint to the Sheriff 11 minutes before it was filed?


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Neither the local paper nor the local radio station received the email, but some members of the Forestry Board did, and some of the Forestry Board members were state employees who received the email on their government accounts. This and other of Schmalfeldt’s emails resulted in several agencies at multiple levels of government opening investigations, and I was not a target of any of them.

He is fortunate to have the case being handled as a misdemeanor by a County State’s Attorney’s Office rather than something more serious by a U. S. Attorney.

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