Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

When bullies are stood up to, they will often claim, “No fair! You hit me back.” Sometimes, the members of Team Kimberlin would claim they were being hit back when they hadn’t been hit at all. The Prevarication Du Jour from nine years ago cited one such example.

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@PatO201404301547ZI wouldn’t reproduce the admittedly obscene images the Cabin Boy™ posted of me because they are well beyond the standards for this website. However, I can’t post them even if I wished to. They were introduced into evidence during the 9 December, 2013, hearing on the extension of the peace order, and Judge Stansfield has sealed that portion of the evidence.

Given that the case file has been transferred, the only people who now have legal access to those images are the judges of the Maryland Court of Appeals.

BTW, I’m not kidding when I say that the Cabin Boy has admitted that he intended for the images to be obscene.obsceneOne more thing … the image Schmalfeldt is complaining about was posted in the comment section here at Hogewash!, and I took it down as soon as I became aware of it. It was well beyond the standards for this blog. OTOH, goose … gander.

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Indeed, there is some evidence to suggest Schmalfeldt may have created the photoshopped image he complained about. If so, it wouldn’t have beene his first forgery.

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