Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

One of the hallmarks of Team Kimberlin’s cyberharassment was its mean-spirited ugliness. This post, Funny You Should Mention That, from eight years ago today dealt with a recurring image they used following my wife’s cancer diagnosis.

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Commenter gmhowell wrote this in the comment section of the Another Forgery? post below.

I suspect ‘Gail’ is to Bill as ‘mother’ was to Norman Bates: a convenient fiction to help him further his own mental deterioration.

That’s an interesting observation. You see, one of the images that the anonymous coward Team Kimberlin commenter(s) have been repeatedly sending along with comments about Mrs. Hoge is this one from the movie Psycho:batesmomTeam Kimberlin’s fascination with ugly, macabre, and perverse things is really quite repulsive.

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I saved this cartoon from Vigilans Vindex when it appeared in the comment section of my original post.

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