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Op-Critical was Brett Kimberlin’s house band at Justice Through Music Project. It’s been defunct for several years now, but some of its music videos survive on YouTube. The band’s Myspace account is still live, but none of the songs were playable when I checked last night, and the op-critical dot com website is gone.We can put Op-Critical down as one of The Deadbeat Performer Kimberlin’s faliures.

2 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. It’s still available, you just put a dash where no dash should be. Not sure why, but site is still up, albeit protected by password.

    • op-critical dot com (with the dash) was created in 2012 as the band’s original site. Although it has no website, its hosting is in the U.S. along with several other defunct Kimberlin-related domains.

      opcritical dot com (without the dash) is a second domain created in 2016. It also has no website and is hosted on the same server in The Netherlands as most of the still active Kimberlin-related domains. mail dot opcritcal dot com appears to be in use, so it may be a replacement for the pbrstreetgang dot org domain. See

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