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While Team Kimberlin’s lawfare and cyberthuggery were a pain the neck (or a couple of feet lower), their prediction of the direst of dire direness were always Empty Threats, as this post from seven years ago today noted.

* * * * *

The Cabin Boy’s™ web droppings are full of them. I’ve lost track of the number of times that Bill Schmalfeldt has impotently threatened me with jail. During the run up to the hearing on his motion to modify the 2013 peace order, he had found 24 examples of perjury in my opposition to his motion, and I was going to be led away from the courthouse “in irons.” If I didn’t get control of the comment section of this blog, the police would do it for me. If I didn’t give up the identity of Krendler, … Yadda-yadda-yadda. Yibble-bibble-bibble.

His most recent empty threats have been against Patrick Grady. If I’ve been able to follow the Cabin Boy’s™ rantings properly, he’s claiming that Grady sent him a nasty picture (one one par with some of the picture’s I’ve received) and that that proves Grady is Krendler. Thus, the Illinois cops are going to arrest Grady for violating a Wisconsin law. Or the the Wisconsin cops are going to bust Grady for violating an Illinois law. Or the Milwaukee DA is going to charge Grady with … with … with something. The net result of his latest web droppings has been a great deal of laughing and pointing, but there’s been no contact by law enforcement with Patrick Grady. Nothing. Not a peep.

popcorn4bkThe only times that I have ever discussed Bill Schmalfeldt with Maryland law enforcement have been when I was filing a complaint. The only times I have ever discussed him with federal authorities, I was not the target of the investigations. The police have enough real work to do, and they often don’t have much patience with false complaints.

I suspect Patrick Grady’s experience will be very similar to mine.

* * * * *

Or the Iowa cops were gonna bust Patrick for the damage to a couple of tires that Schmalfeldt ruined when he ran against a curb. Or …

Oh, and I should add that I have also spoken with Maryland law enforcement about Schmalfeldt to assist them with an investigation where I was a potential witness.

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