3 thoughts on “Bud Light, Dylan Mulvaney, and Truth in Advertising

  1. I’m pretty sure “truth” has nothing to do with business media efforts now-a-days.

    “Truth” will once again matter only when everyone else stops going along with the lies. Like in the “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

    And how to stop going along with the lies? Stop enriching the liars with our habitually reflexively ingrained habitual spending habits (I meant to do that). We do it every single day, giving our money to the people we don’t want in control. We can whine and complain and protest all we want, but the liars keep getting our money because we keep giving it to them.

    Producers have no reason to worry about their lies if they think that we’ll continue giving them our money, no matter what their actions. Over the past 20, 40, 60 years they have no reason to think otherwise.

    Stop buying the computers and cell phones and apps and subscriptions and cable tv and media services. Get back to real life – eating, sleeping, taking care of family and neighbors and friends, face to face. Doing this will alter our personal economies drastically, with less income and less money to spend, but if we continue with the same routine day after day then nothing will change for anyone.

    This change cannot be planned or orchestrated. It’s a change that each person must decide on individually.

    (And do SOMETHING about the stupid tax laws that funnel taxpayer dollars to “non-profit” entities run by people who conscientiously work to undermine our freedom.)

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