Fisking a Tweet

The Grand Jury acted upon the facts and the law. <fisk> However, it indicted Trump anyway. </fisk>

No one is above the law, and everyone has the right to a trial to prove innocence.  <fisk> A defendant has no obligation to prove his innocence; the state has the duty to prove his guilt. </fisk>

Hopefully <fisk> grammatically incorrect use of an adverb </fisk>, the former President will peacefully respect the system, <fisk> unnecessary comma </fisk> which grants him that right. <fisk> As noted above, the presumption of innocence requires the state must prove guilt. Also, the right to a fair trial is not granted by any “system.” It and the other rights secured by the main body of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are pre-existing rights. </fisk>

<fisk> BTW, (at)SpeakerPelosi is no longer Speaker of the House. </fisk>

1 thought on “Fisking a Tweet

  1. My hand-picked followers will now indicted any American I point at, and those indicted will have the right to prove their innocence to the government, which is me.

    In fact, every single American should be indicted so we can sort through the population to find out who is a true American, and imprison or eliminate those who are not.

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