Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

breitbartunmasked dot com was less than a couple of months old when it published its first post about Ace of Spades eleven years ago today. That post is still up on the site.The post misidentified a women as Ace. Ace is a man.

Brett Kimberlin spent a great deal of effort during the RICO Madness LOLsuit trying to identify Ace. He failed. Judge Hazel wrote this in his memorandum opinion dismissing the case—

First, the Court will DENY, as moot, Kimberlin’s Motion to Identify Defendant Ace of Spades. See ECF No. 232. In doing so, the Court notes that Kimberlin has not been prejudiced in any meaningful way by his failure to obtain the identity of blogger Ace of Spades. That is, even if Kimberlin had the identity of Defendant Ace of Spades, his claims would still be subject to dismissal for the same reasons stated above.

BTW, the byline on the BU post note above is The Watchful Avenger. That can be translated into Latin as vigilans vindex. Heh.

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